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Consult with Dr. Dale Smith

Is nose surgery right for you? Does a Laser Lift offer you the results you desire? During your consultation, Dr. Dale Smith will help you decide on the procedure(s) that are right for you.


After your consultation with Dr. Smith, one of our estheticians or surgery coordinator can discuss details about pricing with you.


Our consultations will help you decide on the procedures or course of action that is best suited for your skin’s needs and your expectations. You will leave Skin Secrets with useful information to make an informed decision about your course of treatment.

Highly trained in skin care and the use of cosmetic products, our estheticians begin evaluations of each patient with a complete evaluation of the skin and signs of aging. In more advanced cases, a consultation with Dr. Dale Smith will be scheduled to complete the pre-procedure process.


No matter if you're looking for more information on a Laser Lift, Nose Surgery or a Facelift, you probably have a few questions or concerns regarding the procedure you're considering. This means you are among the millions of people opting for surgical and non-surgical enhancement each year and you are not alone in your search for an experienced staff and plastic surgeon.

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