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Signature Facials

Geo-Thermal Facial

This is the ultimate facial experience. The Geo-Thermal multi-layer treatment is a truly customized work of art. It combines luxurious serums, moisturizing gels, pure botanical Moor mud and a self-heating thermal mask that, when layered together, provide the most outstanding anti-aging treatment in the world, period. Great for both men and women. You will never want the same old facial again……prepare to be impressed.


Vita-Sea Firming Treatment

Combine the therapeutic benefits of marine derived ingredients with a veritable cocktail of anti-aging vitamins and minerals. Relax and let the Esthetician take over and combat the effects of time. This powerful facial incorporates all that is good for your skin; vitamins A, E and fresh vitamin C, rich DNA gel, loaded with amino acids and a firming Spirulina algae mask that is sure to feed all of your skin’s cravings. The Vita-Sea Firming Treatment, deliciously nourishes your skin with the best nature has to offer. Great for both men and women. This is the ideal facial for after summer to repair your skin’s needs.


Rosacea Rescue

Rosy cheeks were cute when you were little. As an adult it is a sign of an ever more skin condition. Rosacea. Our Rosacea Rescue treatment will reduce and calm this condition. The products used to treat Rosacea are uniquely formulated to calm, soothe and revitalize your skin. Let our Esthetician soothe and decongest your skin and also show you how to help control this condition at home.


Re-Hydration Treatment

Drench your skin with the moisture it needs. With pollution, air conditioning, heating units and sun exposure our lives are surrounded by a less than friendly environment. Your skin just isn’t given the opportunity to balance itself. Our intensive Re-Hydration Treatment is designed to return that lost moisture and to increase your skin's antioxidant arsenal. The treatment includes the use of an advanced Collagen Fibre mask saturated with water binding molecules that will boost your skin's moisture content and return the soft and dewy appearance stripped away by the environment. Great for both men and women. Great as a winter recovery or spring preparation treatment.


Rainforest Facial

As fresh and memorable as an early morning walk in a rainforest. This revitalizing treatment combines the benefits of Oxygen gel and Glycolipid and Ceramide therapies to provide outstanding results. Indulge in the richness of Moor mud from the Austrian Alps. The Rainforest Facial is a soothing and skin nourishing treatment that will relax your mind and feed your skin. Ideal for winter months.


Caviar Facial

Caviar has always been a symbol of good taste. But, not everyone knows how effective it is as an anti-aging treatment. Caviar contains 7 amino acids and is rich in vitamins and essential nutrients. Coveted as the ultimate in facial therapy, our Caviar Facial is a unique combination of luxurious ingredients, fibre masks and effective techniques that will deliver measurable anti-aging results. The perfect treatment for the sophisticated client that wishes to soothe the spirit and elegantly dissolve and premature signs of aging. Great for both men and women.


Quick Release Treatment

They say to “age gracefully.” We say “fight it all the way.” This amazing treatment will not only help battle those tell-tale signs of aging, but it can also delay the need to go under the knife. It has been proven that with regular treatments, plastic surgery can be put off for years. Start now, start here. It’s never too early, and it’s never too late.

Lighter and Brighter

The goal of this facial is to lighten and brighten the skin. It is an ideal treatment for all discoloration of the skin that is not genetic in nature.

Executive Power Fix (for men)

This facial is adjusted to accommodate the special needs to the male face.

Post Procedural

The primary function of this facial is to finish off any of the more aggressive aesthetic procedures with a calming nutritive and protective finalization.

Deep Cleansing Facials

Deep Sea Soil: A Rehydration facial focusing on reparation and nourishment of the skin.

Red Wine: A powerful antioxidant facial rich with Grape Seed Oil and Polyphenols.

Collagen: A collagen infused facial for anti-aging and overall firming of the skin.

Aloe Vera: A healing facial focusing on soothing and calming damaged skin.