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What to wear to your massage? 

If you are more comfortable, you do not have to remove any clothing for your massage. If you choose to remove clothing, you may undress to your level of comfort. Our massage therapist works with the sheets so that you never feel exposed during your treatment.

Swedish Massage

Also known as the “traditional” massage, our Swedish massage increases blood circulation and loosens tension by using strokes that vary from kneading to stretching and gliding. This full-body, soothing massage relaxes and rejuvenates sore muscles. Oil/lotion is used to deliver gentle yet effective results.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on relieving severe muscle tension. Customized techniques are used to gradually work the deeper layers of the muscle to relieve deeply seated tension.  It’s especially effective if you have musculoskeletal disorders, postural problems, or chronic muscle pain and tension. 


Cupping Massage

Our cupping massage requires the use of special cups that are placed on your body to create suction. Cupping is beneficial for pain, inflammation, and also helps circulate blood. The cups will leave a ring on your skin in the treatment places. Your skin will return to normal in 7-10 days. 

We also offer Prenatal Massages. You must be past your first trimester.

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