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Waxing & Sugaring


Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal, which removes the hair from the root. New hair growth usually does not grow back in the treated area for about 4-6 weeks. There are typically two types of wax used: strip wax and hard wax.


Strip waxing is performed by spreading wax thinly over the treated area. A cloth strip is pressed on top of the wax, and pulled off with a quick motion against the direction of hair growth. The wax and hair is removed during the pulling process.


Hard waxing is applied thickly and uses no cloth strips. The wax is applied to the skin and left on for a few minutes to cool, the wax is then removed manually with no cloth strips. 


Body Sugaring is the art of applying and removing a sugar paste with your hands, for a gentle, exfoliating hair removal service. 


Advantages of sugar over wax


Sugar is 100% pure and natural

Sugar only sticks to dead skin and hair - it is much gentler

Sugar paste is not hot (only lukewarm) so there is no danger of burning the skin.

It can extract very short hair and only needs 10 days of growth. 

It is more sanitary and does not allow bacteria to grow


What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

If you are using Retin-A or glycolic, strong antibiotics, discontinue use 5-7 days before sugaring. Discontinue use of Accutane 28 days prior. If you are pregnant or undergoing Cancer treatment, you may ask your doctor prior to treatment.  

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