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Find out if cosmetic surgery is right for you


Here at Skin Secrets we are highly trained in skin care and the use of cosmetic products. The staff begins evaluation of each patient with a complete evaluation of the skin and signs of aging. Use of black light technology to highlight premature aging spots and employing the state-of-the-art Canfield Photography Studio for close-up digital photography, complete imaging of the skin allows an in depth skin consultation to be done on each patient. Patients are often quite surprised by the extent of the evaluation that is done by the staff.


Once the skin consultation is complete, recommendations are made for the best course of prevention or correction.

Dr. Smith is available by appointment for complete surgical consultations to discuss possible surgical therapy for patients who need or desire facial plastic surgery.


The staff of Skin Secrets serves as personal cosmetic patient coordinators through the entire consultative process. If surgery is recommended, all the details of cost, scheduling, and post-op care are handled by the Skin Secrets staff maintaining continuity of care with the staff that the patient has grown to value and trust. Dr. Smith chooses to do his facial cosmetic surgery at the Surgery Center of Lawton where the staff is specially trained to handle the needs of his plastic surgery patients. Expert general anesthesia or IV sedation, is provided based on patient wishes and surgeon’s recommendations


Dr. Smith concentrates his expertise in doing cosmetic surgery only on the face. Also, because Dr. Smith has a full-time practice here in Lawton, patients do not have to wait for their surgeon to make their rounds to this area before receiving needed care. The additional expertise of the esthetician also allows patients to have their skin treated over their entire body. We like to refer to this scope of practice as “complete facial cosmetic surgery with skin treatment all over.”


Services we offer:


Dr. Dale B Smith Patient Satisfaction Award 10 Best Plastic Surgeons cosmetic surgery plastic surgeon in lawton oklahoma
Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Lawton, Oklahoma at Skin Secrets
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